• Improves health outcomes through the continuous growth of both knowledge and skills and promote lifelong learning for the physician, nurses, and pharmacist and for other health practitioners.


  • The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is dedicated to providing faculty staff, students and other healthcare professionals and academicians with educational experiences that enhance clinician knowledge and competence; improve clinician performance and their ability to provide excellent patient care. The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to improve patient care and health outcomes.


  • A mission for the identification, development, and promotion of standards for quality continuing medical education (CME) utilized by faculty in their maintenance of competence and incorporation of new knowledge.
  • To motivate all MACHS faculty, staff and students to attend CME programs/activities provided by MACHS.
  • To encourage all Faculty staff to use the chance of attending the conference and symposium sponsored by MACHS or outside sponsors.
  • To improves quality medical care for patients and their communities.
  • Generate contract with sponsors to sponsoring CME symposiums.
  • Coordinate with other universities /college to cooperate in preparing international symposium / workshop / conference.

Types of Activities

  • Lecture/Presentation: present different information in one medical topic in specific time.
  • Symposium: different presentation presented about one of topic in specific time .
  • Conference: Open scientific meeting to present different scientific papers related to the specific topic. It can be an international conference if shared by the international medical scientific organization.
  • Workshop:
    • General: it is a practical training in general topics to enhance the qualification skills for medical practitioners.
    • Special: it is a special practical training in medical specialty to enhance the qualification skills for practitioners.
  • Internal Activities: internal scientific training activity in for the staff in the same or different departments.
  • External Activities: the medical scientific activity which held outside the Saudi Arabia and the institute send a request for accreditation.
  • Internet Activities: the scientific medical training can be done through the approved website by SCFHS.
  • Self-Activity: the activities which depend on self and related to the medical field..


  • MACHS departments , All other healthcare providers , Students and Community.